Condolences for Paul Douglas Bissett, Sr.

Claire S. posted on 4/2/13

"Although The Final Curtain Falls" There comes a time for all of us when we must say goodbye,but Faith,Hope,& Love & Trust can never really die. Although the final curtain falls at last,is this cause to grieve? The future life is brighter still if only we Believe.So trust in God's eternal care, and when the Master calls, we'll know a fairer world's beyond, Although The Final Curtain Falls. My deepest heartfelt condolences to Cynthia,Joe,Gaga,Natali & the entire family. Please find peace in knowing you have another angel above looking over all of you!God Bless You All!!


Alexis posted on 4/2/13

A whole family more siceras Germanotta my condolences for the pain that accompanies so great, just remember that the body is provided, but the soul is forever will be with us for eternity monster mom I LOVE YOU


Facundo Matiaude posted on 4/3/13

All my condolences for you and all the Bissett - Germanotta family. Rest in peace Paul...


Matias posted on 4/3/13

All my condolences to Bisset's and Germanotta's family from Argentina x


Romi posted on 4/2/13

All my love goes to all the Bissett family. Keep on keeping on, count on us. Little Monsters sending love from all over the world. We love you! Stay Strong.


ValenTina Gonzales posted on 4/2/13

All our thoughts with Bisset family may Paul now rest in peace in a better place, your family will always remember you. Sending out strength to a family with the most authentic values ever... Which are now reflected and shared to the world by Stefani the most inspirational artist ever,GaGa you made me believe when I thought I was dying, your music made me feel alive again and saved me too many times, maybe now us Little Monsters can return a little bit of that immense love and refuge in your heart you gave us. Paws Up Forever! Grandpa is now in the Edge of Glory. We LOVE YOU


lucila posted on 4/2/13

All will be okay, don't worrie I know its a sad moment but later will be all right <3 R.I.P Paul.


Paola Or posted on 4/2/13

Be strong. My condolences


lulu little monster posted on 4/3/13

Bisset family I send a lot of strength and all my condolences, gaga thanks for teach me to love myself, to be strong i know now you will be able to get ahead your little monsters are with you PAWS UP <3


Paulo Garzon posted on 4/2/13

bisset family want to send all my hugs, accompanied with pain, despite not knowing the grandfather monster is Stefanni family, and that's good, my most sincere condolences, Paulo


Candy Kercher posted on 4/3/13

Cindy and family.... So very saddened to hear of your great loss. Your Dad was such a good man. God will hold you all in the palms of his hands as you go through this saddest of times. May you find peace through Him in the times ahead of you. With Sympathy, Candy


jecko jay posted on 4/2/13

condolence guyz.. mr.bissett is on his edge of glory .. :' be strong


Trish Costello posted on 4/3/13

Cynthia and family, My heart goes out to you all during this difficult loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May your father rest in peace, watch over you, and live, now, in your hearts and memories. Trish


Jen Funches posted on 4/3/13

Cynthia and Family, My deepest sympathies to all of you during this time of sadness. May these days be filled with celebration for a man who I’m sure was truly remarkable. He must have been so proud of you for all that you have done to make this world a better place. Take care, Jen and Justin and Hunter


Ben G. posted on 4/3/13

Cynthia and family, In this time of transitions, you are all in my thoughts and reflections. There is no doubt in my mind that your father's legacy will continue to be honored by the work you have set out to do to make the world a better place. The most beautiful part of life is that our impact is not limited to the beginning or end of our flesh and bones. The meaning and scale of our lives are limitless, and that couldn't be more true of your father. Love and peace to you and yours.


Maria McHugo posted on 4/3/13

Cynthia, I am so very sorry to hear about your dad. Stay strong and know that we are thinking of you and your family.


Charlie Prothero posted on 4/2/13

Dear Bissett/Germanotta/Snyder/Cates families, I offer my deepest condolences, I'm sure Paul was a lovely man. I am so sorry for your loss, and I will keep your families in my prayers.


Joyce Fecat Gillispie posted on 4/3/13

Dear Cindy, Ronnie & Family, My deepest condolences are sent your way. To have loved and been loved by your father/husband as you have, is to never lose him! My prayers and thoughts are with you.


Toni, Brian, Kati and Carly DiCola posted on 4/3/13

Dear Doug and family, For many years your dad always had a smile, joke and a hug for my family. He adored you all and was so very proud of each and every one of you. We are very blessed to have known and loved him.


Littlemonster Daniel posted on 4/3/13

Dear Family germanotta / bisset I give my condolences to all of you for that which is losing a grandfather / great-grandfather, my condolences.


lulu little monster posted on 4/3/13

dear gaga and family. I want you to know that although I'am away I command all my love and my condolences, you taught me to be strong and succeed thanks for all gaga I love you and your little monsters demaciado be with you now and always goes on mommy monster


Natalia & Filip posted on 4/3/13

Dear Gaga!We are with you in these difficult times for you. You lost one of the most important people in your life.The words of deep compassion for your family.Let your grandpa rest in peace. We will pray for his soul.


The Kelly Family posted on 4/4/13

Dear Ms. Ronnie, Sheri, Cindy, Doug and Families- So Sorry for your loss. Thoughts and Prayers are with you all.


Carly kingdon posted on 4/6/13

Dear Paul, I never knew you, but I am one of your granddaughters little monsters, so you to me are an important part of our family!! From reading about you I have learnt what an incredible person you were & will continue to be in monster heaven. Your beautiful memory will not only be in the hearts of your family...but every one of Gaga's 35 million monsters!!!!: Rest in peace xx


Jerry posted on 4/2/13

Dear Ronnie & Family, So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope and pray that the fond memories of your loving Paul bring you some comfort during this sad time. Ronnie, it was a pleasure to meet you and Paul. I enjoyed our conversation in your dining room several months ago. God speed. Jermac Seniors Helping Seniors


Gerri Wilson Atkinson posted on 4/7/13

Dear Ronnie,Doug, Cindy, and Sheri, So sorry to hear about Paul. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Tammy WilsonRobinson posted on 4/4/13

Dear Sheri, I'm sorry for your dads passing. He was true gentleman and always spread happiness everywhere he went. God Bless,Tammy


Steve ande MaryJo Zacchini Kurko posted on 4/2/13

Dearest Ronnie, children and grandchildren......Nothing can be said that will take away the emptiness and pain you are feeling and will continue to feel. When you are married to someone that very long, they become your shadow, your rock, your lifeline at times and your truest ally but most of all, your best friend. Paul was so charming and lovable and debonair and you made a stunning couple. We loved being around you so much. May God give your family comfort and hope and love now when it is most needed. Remember, Ronnie, that you are loved and I hold you in my heart and in my thoughts until we meet again soon. With deepest affection and condolences, your friends, Steve and MaryJo Zacchini Kurko Belleview Heights Bellaire,Ohio 43906


Ivan Chavarria posted on 4/2/13

Deeply sorry for your loss.


Bill Stahnke posted on 4/3/13

Doug and Carole, Along with my parents, I send our condolences to you at this difficult time.


Janet Shaw and Romeo Tan posted on 4/2/13

Doug, Cindy and Families It is so difficult to watch a loved-one suffer and yet more difficult to say "good bye"!! I just recently lost my Mother and I understand just how "deep" the pain and sorrow can be. Find comfort in your memories and in the love of your families. Our prayers are with all of you!


lea baterna posted on 4/4/13

for GAGA, CYNTHIA, JOE, and NATALI I wanna share my sad moment's. may he rest and peace. ï_© love all YOUR familyï_Å


Elizabeth posted on 4/2/13

Gaga my condolences, is a difficult time, now he is in a beautiful place and guide you. You are not alone, remember.I lost my father and my grandfather and do not know what that feels ugly but time makes the pain subsides and the love for them grow, I love you gaga ♥


Marcel Majerczyk posted on 4/3/13

Gaga you must be strong! Your little monsters always are with you! Sincere condolences to the entire family.


,michal posted on 4/3/13

Gaga, I am with you, I love you. You is my queen and I must be with my mother.


Susan McIlvain Parker posted on 4/2/13

His cheerful laugh and smile will be remembered by all who knew him. My prayers are with the family throughout this difficult time.


stefanie reist posted on 4/2/13

I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to Stefani, Cynthia and the family. May God and the Angels comfort you at this time.


Leah Grams posted on 4/3/13

I am so sorry for your loss. The world has lost a wonderful wonderful man, who will not be forgotten. Times like these are hard, but remember they also bring us together in celebration of his life. We are with you, Gemanottas.


Ashley posted on 4/5/13

I am sorry for your loss and I offer you my condolences. The world has lost a great man who led a fantastic life. He will spread ripples of happiness and joy throughout his family for generations to come and will be remembered forever.


Justin L Kim posted on 4/3/13

I am sorry for your loss, my condolences go out to the Germanotta's. Paws Up!


John Ortiz posted on 4/2/13

I am very saddened by this news, but I know that God has great blessings for you and your family gaga Stay Strong a hug from Colombia I love you


Connie Kedward-Gorder posted on 4/4/13

I am very sorry for your loss. I remember Mr. Bissett from way back to when we were all living in McMechen. Mom would visit while all of us kids would roll down that hill beside your house. Mr. Bissett was always so nice and polite. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Mateusz Kampa posted on 4/3/13

I don't know that men but i know he have beautiful family


Giada posted on 4/3/13

I don't really know what to write. I just want everyone to know that we - little monsters - are and always will be here for Bissett's and Germanotta's families.


Alejandro GarcÃ_a Alcaraz posted on 4/2/13

I feel so sad for the family Bisset, Lady Gaga, Natali and Cynthia above all, My prayers are with his family. Resignation to the Bisset Family.


Rohit John posted on 4/3/13

I have never met anyone from your the family but i do know Stefani germanotta's public persona. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I understand what you all must be going through, i too lost my grandmother. All ways remember, our lost loved ones are protected and are in peace up in heaven. God bless you all. with love, your little mosnster, Rohit John


Lynn Schuetz-Sisarcick posted on 4/2/13

I have so many great memories of Paul! Such a fun guy - Deepest sympathy and God Bless to you all!


Sonia posted on 4/4/13

I just wanted to say that I'm here with you and with your family Gaga. I know how you feel cause I felt the same. Be strong. We have to pray. I love you.


Punky posted on 4/2/13

I may not have known Mr. Bissett. But two of his grandchildren have greatly impacted my life. And if he was anything like them, the world was blessed with another great human in the world. I pray for the Bissett family and their loss.


Mariana Trejo posted on 4/2/13

I regret the loss, but he is in a place much better. My condolences from me and my family.


Pedro Gallegos posted on 4/3/13

I send all my love and prayers to the Germanotta family. These are sad news and I want you to know that we support you and wish that things start to get better for the whole family.


Cintia posted on 4/2/13

I send my condolences to all the family, I know how hard it is to lose someone so important, but the strength of his family taught me that it is very important fight to stay standing!!! I take them in my heart. be strong, especially you Gaga, all the love from your little monsters is with you! I'm sorry, Strength Cintia from Argentina.


Angel Little Monster from Mexico posted on 4/2/13

I send you much love and strength. We are with you today and always... I know this is hard, but I also know you are a very strong family because Gaga has shown this to everyone. I'm sorry, my most heartfelt condolences for your loss. Amor, abrazos y fuerza para todos ustedes


Inez Parfitt Haythorn posted on 4/2/13

I want to express my sympathy to the Bissett family. I remember Paul's great sense of humor and beautiful singing voice! God bless you.


melanie posted on 4/2/13

I want to extend my condolenses to your family. My brother & I met some of Mr. Bissett's family members at Liza's Place where my mom is spending her final days. Your kind words, conversation, and smiles were very comforting. Take care, Melanie


Elizabeth E Willis posted on 4/2/13

I wanted to give my condolences. My grandmother passed when I was 12 years old and it was quite hard for me to recover. I wanted to leave a quote from someone whose work has helped me regain my strength ever since: “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” âÄï Deepak Chopra best wishes, Liz


Di Watson posted on 4/2/13

I was so sorry to hear of Mr. Bissitt's passing. I was just notified by a friend from back home in Moundsville WV. I am currently living on the Outer Banks in NC. I pray you all find comfort and healing in the memories you share. I lost my own father in Moundsville a few months ago and I know the sorrow you feel. But the Lord helped me through. I pray he will help you as well. Di


SNH posted on 4/3/13

I will miss seeing your happy face at Bob Evans. You were such a nice man!


Tom Ferrera posted on 4/3/13

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the Bissett family. God Bless To All Tom Ferrera Wheeling, WV


Adam Chranowski posted on 4/3/13

I'm deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Paul Douglas and I would like to offer my deepest sympathy for all his family. Our thoughts are we with you, Me and all Little Monsters at this most difficult time of loss. We will pray for Him.


Ana Alfaro posted on 4/2/13

I'm really sorry for your loss. I haven't felt what it is to lose an important part of my family, but I believe it's really hurtful. Blessings to all your family and may your beloved one rests in peace.


Gonzalo Baccillere posted on 4/2/13

I'm sending my sincere condolences to Bissett family. May God have him in glory. Stay strong. xoxo from Argentina


Bernie LittleMonster posted on 4/2/13

I'm so sorry about his death. We're on the edge with you greatgrandpa monster. Stay strong bissett family.


Andrea Cruz posted on 4/3/13

I'm So Sorry for all the family, i'm so sad too. everything gonna be okay, don't be sad ..:/


Yoselyn RamÃ_rez posted on 4/2/13

I'm so sorry for this loss, I feel so bad, my condolences to Gaga, Natali, Cynthia, Joe, Veronica, and all the Germanotta family. Remember, he is in a better place, stay strong, I give you support and love.


Marina posted on 4/3/13

I'm so sorry for this lost. We are with you. My condolences to Bisset's family, please Stay Strong. Especially condolences to Stefani, which now is dealing with a lot of problems, I feel so bad for her. We love you! A big hug from Argentina, Marina.


Alessandro Fonte posted on 4/2/13

I'm so sorry for this, I hope you get through this and stay strong. I send your family all my love and my prayers, I feel like all of you have become a part of my family even though you don't know me. He seemed to be a really nice and brilliant man. You can always count with our support and we'll try to bother the less because we understand. A big hug filled with the best feelings for you.


nora vargas posted on 4/2/13

I'm so sorry gaga all my prayers for all your family stay strong little pony rest and take care


Tadeo posted on 4/3/13

I'm so sorry, RIP Paul.


Daria posted on 4/3/13

I'm so sorry. I don't know what people saying in these times. Let the family remembers him as a talented man.


Marina posted on 4/3/13

I'm so sorry. My condolences to Bisset's family, please Stay Strong. My grandfather died one year ago, but i know that's so difficult, but remember all the good times, and remember him to the best person who was. Now there's another angel in the heaven, so he will be looking and protecting you. Please stay strong, and you have the support of 36 million people. A big hug from Spain; Marina.


Camila posted on 4/2/13

I'm so sorry. Now God have a new angel. God bless all the family Germanotta and Bissett. :'


Michael posted on 4/3/13

I'm so very sorry to hear about Your loss. My thought is with You and Your family at this most difficult time of loss. I offer You my deepest condolences on this sad day. I will keep Him in my prayers.


Katherine Desarden posted on 4/2/13

I'm very sorry for your lost, all my prayers to Bissett And Germanotta Family , Now you have an Angel that is taking CARE of you I LOV U Gaga


Antonio Medina posted on 4/2/13

Im really sorry about your lost, dear family. But one thing im sure of, he's in a better place, resting in peace and enjoying the edge of glory. Im sure he's not gone, as he will always stay in your hearts, Strong men never die. Love you, and really sorry. Antonio Medina


Guido Ezequiel Deluca posted on 4/2/13

Lady Gaga and family: It's so sad but he's in a better place now, stay strong. We are here for you. I love you all, a lot of kisses.


Katerin Vargas posted on 4/2/13

Lady Gaga and family: My sincere condolences... It's so sad and I can't help but cry with you! I know what it feels like because i lost my grandmother.But he's in a better place now! You have a new angel on the heaven. Gaga,we are with you today and ALWAYS. Stay Strong Sending prayers and love to Bissett And Germanotta Family LOS AMAMOS. Mucha fuerza y amor


Lorena posted on 4/3/13

Little Monsters loves you!!


Denise, Doug & Daniel Daniels posted on 4/3/13

Love & support through this difficult time.


Laura ArgÃ_ello posted on 4/2/13

May God open Heaven's door and prepare all his little angels around him singing and welcoming a new member to his big family there, in Heaven. His soul and God himself shall bless you even more than he has already done to all the Germanotta and Bissett family. I know the feeling and my heart is with all of you. Even though you don't know me and I don't know you, you still have a place in my heart and in my prayers. Rest in peace Sr. Paul Bissett. Dear Germanotta and Bissett family, you have now another angel sending all his love and affection, right now, around all of you. Paws up forever♥ '''''' With love, Laura.


Jakub Lazarowicz posted on 4/3/13

May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you.


Aleksandra posted on 4/3/13

Most sincere condolences to the family and Stefani. I'm very sorry for this huge loss. We will pray for Him. Rest In Peace. A big hug from Poland, Aleksandra.


Jennifer Sotack posted on 4/3/13

Mr. Bissett seemed like great man with a great life and a wonderful family who loved him very much. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Lombi posted on 4/2/13

My condolences for all the family Germanotta. especially for my mother monster. BE BRAVE! I LOVE U SO MUCH!


joran posted on 4/3/13

My condolences go to the family i'm so sorry for your loss .. stay strong!


Stefania posted on 4/4/13

My Condolences to Bisset family and to Germanotta family.I am very sorry about your loss,I am with you in your sorrow.A hug to all of you.With love,an italian little monster.


Gerson Henriquez G posted on 4/3/13

My condolences to Bisset Family, I'm sorry. Gerson.-


Alonso posted on 4/2/13

My condolences to germanotta's family specially for Gaga, I'm so sorry and I wish you lot of strength to overcome this stage of life which is inebitable, I love you gaga.


Claudia Moscoso posted on 4/2/13

My Condolences to Paul Douglas Bisset's family, he is on the glory besides God. Sending love and support to the family. Stay strong Gaga. You are always in our hearts and your grandfather will always take care of you Little Angel. ♥


Jake posted on 4/4/13

My condolences to Paul's family and loved ones at this time. Stay strong and God Bless! Rest in Peace Paul! I'm sure you were an amazing person. Lots of love from your granddaughter's Little Monsters from Trinidad and Tobago. God has a new angel in heaven


Marcos Rostan posted on 4/3/13

My condolences to the Bisset family. Stay strong.


Selistean Radu posted on 4/3/13

My condolences to the Bisset family. Stay strong.My heart is with you.R.I.P.


Karina Hernandez posted on 4/2/13

my condolences to the entire family especially germanotta a woman whom I admire so sorry stefani


Renata Crespo posted on 4/3/13

My dearest Cynthia, and Germanotta family, Please know that my prayers are with you. Heaven is rejoicing in the welcoming of an amazing angel. My deepest condolences in this hard time. You have the love and support of many people around the world. What this amazing man once seeded is now blooming beautifully through his family. All of my love today and always, RennMonster


Madelyn Varella posted on 4/3/13

My deepest sympathy for your family at this difficult time. May you find peace and grace in celebrating life. Best wishes, Madelyn


Markie Phoenix posted on 4/2/13

My deepest thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. May you always feel his spirit around you and let his hand take yours, for he will never let go; he will guide you. He will walk with you all of your life. Sending all of my love!


Cass Monster posted on 4/2/13

My heart goes out to the family and send my condolences to all. Sending lots of love to your family <3


Kimberly posted on 4/3/13

My heart is with you in this time of sorrow, but I hope you take comfort in knowing that an angel with be watching over you your family.


Carla Rosalia posted on 4/2/13

My heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Paul Douglas, I'm sorry that happened. Gaga you are strong and you understand. Lord God cares much to know that Paul will be with you from heaven and take care of your family <3


Paula Saavedra posted on 4/2/13

my life, Gaga! I can tell you ... I'm sorry, but now you have an angel in heaven .. and 35 million souls on earth! I love you very much, I want you to know I wanna be with you and accompany you, hug you and lend you my shoulder to cry on! All my love for you and your family!


Albert Ferrie posted on 4/2/13

My prayers are with you Aunt Veronica, Doug, Cindy, Sheri and your families. I am sorry that I cannot make it there in person as I am recovering from surgery. May Uncle Paul rest in peace.


Molly Bell posted on 4/3/13

My Prayers go out to the Germanotta and Bissett family! We Little Monsters send out prayers and we hope your family can keep your head up during this difficult time. We Love you! xx Molly Bell


Julio posted on 4/2/13

My sincere condolences to all the family, Paul is now in the Gloria, Forces for All, and especially for his granddaughter Stefani. I'm a little monster


Daniele Pacorig posted on 4/3/13

My sincere condolences to Gaga's family. We love you. Rest in peace, Paul. Daniele <3


Sue Ferrell posted on 5/5/13

My sincere condolences to the Bissett family.


Dennis.R.Albaugh posted on 4/3/13

My sincere condolences to the family of Paul Bissett. Denny Albaugh


Karen Kuhayda Landers posted on 4/2/13

My thoughts and prayers are with you. As a member of the Methodist Church in McMechen, I remember Paul and his patience with my twin sister,Linda,and me when we were in the youth choirs. At that time we and our friends were at the age where we were silly and did not take too many things seriously but, with Paul's patience,quiet tolerance, and guidance we finally matured and wanted his approval and received it.Paul sang at my wedding in 1963 and one of the hymns was The Lord's Prayer" and one could not hear a pin drop; he sang so beautifaly, the "out of towners" never ceased in their in praise of Paul's beautiful voice. Every time I hear that hymn or it is o spoken Paul immediatey comes to mind and a flood of memories washes over me. Please accept my condolences as Paul will always be remembered as the voice of the McMechen Methodist Church. May he now join Christ's choir in Heaven. Bless you. Karen Kuhayda n


Kimberly Beck posted on 4/3/13

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. May he R.I.P. Sincerely, Kimberly Beck


Jean Woloshuk posted on 4/4/13

My thoughts and prayers to your family.


Caitlyn Johnson posted on 4/4/13

My thoughts and well wishes are with you all. You know that I and my family understand this type of situation more than most, so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone if you need anything. Take comfort in family and friends. Rejoice with memories. And most of all, remember that it's okay to cry. With love from all of the Johnson Family<3.


Andrea H posted on 4/2/13

My thoughts go out to family and friends of Paul Sr. Be strong and brave.


Tammy Kruse posted on 4/2/13

Our heart felt condolences to the Bissett family. I knew Paul and Ronnie from the Wellness Center. They were always together and happy. The last time I saw Paul was when we followed him into the Elton John concert. He loved music! Our condolences also to Grace, Liam's friend and class mate. Prayers to you and your family. Tammy Rob and Liam


Iván eduardo posted on 4/2/13

Paul Douglas Bissett, Sr. hello, grettings from tampico méxico i know gaga stefani that your gran inspiration your grandfather stay with god now, he stay in a better place ,he was a great and amazing person, he was wondefull because he is your inspiration, Gaga i send all forces and my condolences i love you baby your grandpa is not dead he is live and stay in our hearts


JoAnne Kuhayda Hardman posted on 4/2/13

Please know how very sorry I am to hear of your loss. Paul was a great man and a memorable influence to me as a young girl growing up in the church. Even as an adult, I still talk about how there is noone who could sing "O Holy Night" like Paul Bissett. I used to get so excited when I knew he was going to sing a solo with that great booming voice of his. He will be missed by many. I share your loss...


Gary and Carolyn Martin posted on 4/2/13

Prayers and positive thoughts to the Bissett family. We always asked Bill Bonitatibus about Paul. We will always remember the "good old" days with our State Farm Family.


gerald and rosemary pavelka posted on 4/2/13

prayers to the entire family.


Barbara Fisher posted on 4/2/13

Prayers will be said for the entire family for one week daily. Doug, your father was a very kind man as you know.


Familia Rodriguez posted on 4/3/13

Querida Gaga y Familia: Estamos contigo desde la distancia acompañando tu inmensa pena por esta pèrdida tan grande que hoy te toca vivir. Pedimos a Dios te brinde la fuerza necesaria para salir adelante. Te queremos mucho


WILBERTH CANTO posted on 4/2/13



Albert Stark posted on 4/3/13

Rest In Peace. A prayers for You Paul and for Your family


Melissa Rogerson posted on 4/2/13

Ronnie & family, My deepest condolences go out to all of you. Paul was such a fabulous man as I remember him joking with me when you were getting your hair done. He was my father's insurance agent for years. Such a great loss for all. May he R.I.P. Sending love & prayers to you and yours. Melissa


Beth Wiethe McLaughlin posted on 4/4/13

Ronnie & Family, I am sadden to learn of Paul's passing... Wonderful man always with a smile. I sure have missed those big hugs he gave me when you both came in for Dinner @ Ziens. Paul & I always talked bout how we were related but never got to the Family Tree... May he rest in Peace, will be missed dearly...


rick anderson posted on 4/2/13

Ronnie and Doug, sorry to hear that Paul passed away. He was a really nice guy. My thoughts are with you.


Joni Morris posted on 4/2/13

Ronnie and family, So sorry for your loss. Paul was a great guy. He will be missed very much. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Nancy Padden posted on 4/3/13

Ronnie, Remember me? It seems like yesterday that we did aerobics together at Stratford in Wheeling. You were always such fun and bubbly. Then, we met Paul with you at a party at Stifel. It was fun to hear him sing snd entertain the other guests. You must have had such a beautiful life together. My condolences to you and your family. Stay strong and look us up if you come to our part of Florida. We are near the Villages. Nancy Padden Lady Lake, FL


Barb Reynolds posted on 4/4/13

Ronnie, My heart goes out to you as does my thoughts & prayers ... You and Paul always made a day at Myers Drugs so much fun every time you two came in... I still miss those days . Please know how special you are & that Paul willl be missed very much .. Barb


Robin Cooney posted on 4/4/13

Sheri & Steve, Keeping you in our prayers today. Love Robin & Mike


Mandy Morris-Crow posted on 4/2/13

Sheri, so sorry to hear of your dad's passing. He was always so kind and such a gentleman. You and your family will certainly be in my prayers.


Sheila Warsinsky Nelson posted on 4/3/13

Sheri, You have my deepest sympathy. I remember your dad playing the ukulele and the State Farm Insurance song on the car horn. He always made me laugh. May he rest in peace.


Morgan Cook posted on 4/2/13

So sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and love to Gaga and the Bissett family.


Joseph Harrell posted on 4/2/13

So sorry to hear about your loss! May he rest in peace.


brent livingston posted on 4/2/13

So sorry to hear about your loss.


Nathan Lehman posted on 4/3/13

So sorry to hear of Paul's passing. I have always enjoyed talking to him and listening to his jokes. It has been a pleasure to know him and work for him for the last 18 years. If you need help with anything Ronnie, please let us know. We will be thinking of you and your family. Nathan and Tonya Lehman


Daiana posted on 4/3/13

Sorry for ur lost,! i know is hard but life continuos , he was he is ! a very good man , he will always be there for u ! kisses and hugs! from Argentina


Mary Keller Skinto posted on 4/2/13

Sorry for your loss. Paul will be sadly missed. Prayers for the family


Federico Juarez posted on 4/2/13

Stay Strong Lady Gaga all argentina is with you, we love you so much.


Christo posted on 4/4/13

Stefani Miss GaGa - her Family & close Friends... Very sorry to hear of Mr. Bissett's passing. It doesn't matter the number of years they've waltzed on this Earth. We are never ready to let them go. GaGa, it was exciting to learn that your kin live near by. However, I do hope that the little monsters in the area were respectful to you and your family during this time of heartache. I did not know your Grandfather, but judging by the info provided here you can definitely sense the involvement he had in his community, culture & family. Much love to you all! xo just another lil monster, Christo


Javiera posted on 4/2/13

Thanks for making happy Stefani, I always carry in our hearts, all the little monsters in the world condolences to the entire family


Becky Rodocker, The Soup Kitchen posted on 4/3/13

The Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling would like to express our sympathy for the loss of a dear friend throughout the years. The Bissett family has supported the soup kitchen in so many important ways, they have surely touched the lived of thousands. Paul will be missed by all who knew him.


Linda Thomas Allender posted on 4/4/13

To The Bissett Family, Sending my Prayers to your family. My parents have been dead for years now, it's never easy.I can remember Paul & Herny Crebs singing at church on Sunday mornings just loved it.Your dad was my mom & dad's ins. man for years.Still remember playing at your house & all the fun times we had.Greg & Mark send there Prayers also.


Chris Bohinski posted on 4/2/13

To the whole family: I hope you all find some comfort in knowing and realizing Paul was taken to heaven by God's very special Easter angels. Prayers DO Help


Kuba posted on 4/3/13

We are all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of your grandfather and we would like to offer our deepest sympathy.:


Jérémy Jean, Philippe Morin posted on 4/2/13

We are so sorry for the lost of Mr. Douglas. Accept our deepest condolences, especialy to Germanotta's family, her daugther Cynthia Joe and her grandchildren Natali and Gaga. We think of you. Sincerely, Philippe, Jeremy


Ana posted on 4/2/13



Katie posted on 4/3/13

We may not know each other but I am a fan of your granddaughter Stefani. I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. May he rest in peace.


Marty Maness posted on 4/3/13

We were saddened to hear of Paul's passing. What a terrific guy with a ready laugh and joke. He'll be missed. Marty and Lorraine Maness


Obecny & Company posted on 4/4/13

We were sorry to hear of Paul's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thadd has not been feeling well so thought he had better stay away so as not to pass on the flu or whatever.


Jordan posted on 4/2/13

You don't know me because we have never met. I am a little monster and due to how much love the Germanotta family gives out I thought it would be nice to send my condolences. I hope that everyone is well, I am sure he was a lovely man and you will all be remembered forever, as he will be to you. Lots of love, Jordan Butler xx