Condolences for Mazie M. Welts

Samantha Lee and Steven Charlie Kidd posted on 6/3/15

Grandma we love you and will miss you greatly! Wish we could of created more memories together. We will meet you in heaven someday. âô¡♥âô¡♥âô¡♥âô¡♥âô¡♥âô¡


Ann Gormus posted on 6/2/15

I love you so much Grandma and I'll miss you always. Love Annie


Angel Lee posted on 6/3/15

Love u grandma we will miss u but u will never be forgotten now u r watching over us like papa we love and miss y'all but one day we will all be reunited but until then watch over us My Grandma She wasn't like the other grans, Spoiling kids with sweets, The minute you stepped out of line, That slipper's off her feet! She never was a pushover, The final word was hers, And if you were to argue back, She'd ring your bloody ears! She had her own opinions, She made her feelings known, And when it came to grandad, She could always pick a bone! But she was someone I'd depend on, Whenever things turned bad, And someone I could talk to if I was feeling sad! She was someone who'd stand up for me, No matter what I'd done, Someone who always loved me, Like a second mum. I'm gonna miss my grandma, More and more each day. I think the world's a sadder place, Since she passed away BY Angel Lee


Cyndy Dowling posted on 6/4/15

Paula, Linda, Lorraine and family, I just can't believe she is gone. Mazie has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. There is no one like her. There will never be anyone like her. I know we all thought she would be with us forever. I will always appreciate her being there for my Mom. She lived her life to the fullest, rarely slowing down. I will miss her forever and I know you all will miss her more. My heart goes out to each of you during this time of sorrow.


shirley miller posted on 6/3/15

sorry to hear for the loss and she was a good woman to take a person in like her own family


Candace kidd posted on 6/5/15

U will be missed.wish we could have seen u always Candace


Bill & Joyce Goodwin posted on 6/2/15

We will miss her tremendously. She will always be in our hearts - we love her dearly. Blessings to the family.


paula pugh posted on 6/2/15

You will be missed love you grandma