Condolences for Leonard M. Subasic

Joe Young posted on 6/25/01

Dear Debbie and Tim sorry I could not be there for your demise may God be with your Father. Take care and prayers are with all of you and your Family Joe


Tracy & Paula. Pritchard posted on 5/27/01

Dear Mrs. Subasic & Family: We are so sorry to hear about Mr. Subasic's passing. Please accept our condolences and you all are in our thoughts and prayers.


Peter L. Cuffaro posted on 5/27/01

Mrs. Subasic; Debbie; Suzie; and Donna: Sorry I could not make it to the funeral home. Did want you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Leonard will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Best Leonard story I have. One Christmas season my cousin Frank Figaretti was living in North Wheeling and needed a Christmas tree. Suzie said Leonard wanted a pine tree cut down in his back yard and Frank could cut one down from the back yard to utilize as a Christmas tree. Frank enlisted my help and we went out to the Subasic's after dark. Leonard told us to go out back and cut a tree down. We asked "Where?" and he said "Out back." We asked "Where out back?" and he told us, "I told you out back. Now if you want a tree go out back and cut it down, because I'm not cuttin' it down for you." It was cold out too! Mind you, it was dark out. Of course, Frank picks out the biggest tree out back. The tree was so huge, we had to put it on the roof of the car and tie it down by running a rope through the car door windows and over the roof of the car. Next day, Leonard's neighbor called Leonard and tells him to be on the lookout due to the Christmas Holiday Season because some kids cut a tree out of his the neighbor's yard over night!!! Leonard told us to stay out of his neighborhood for a while just in case someone recognized Frank's car!!! I think he set us up to keep us out of the neighborhood!!! With deepest sympathy, PETE CUFFARO