Condolences for Pamela S. Hall

Marty Meigh Baugh posted on 9/5/04

I am a friend of Pams' from way back when Pam worked at Sears. We have kept in contact for many years. I am so sorry for your loss. Pam was such a happy go lucky person. I am sure she will be missed deeply.


Stephanie Marks-Downing posted on 8/28/04

I am so sorry to hear of Pam's passing.I worked with her at Wheeling Hospital OR a few years ago.I will keep your family in my prayers.May God be with you in this time of sorrow. Stephanie Marks-Downing


Melissa Anthony Siebieda posted on 9/22/04

I have many great childhood memories that are the result of Pam. She was a good friend to my oldest brother Mark and later became friends with my entire family, so good of friends that she was considered a family member! Pam had such a love for animals, our family pet dog, "Murphy" would growl at everyone except, of course, Pam, who he grew very attached. Pam exposed me to a variation of music before my time, I new songs from David Bowie, Steve Miller, Dave Matthews way before anyone my age heard of such talent. Pam's record collection was incredible. Pam was easy to talk to and was such a kind hearted person, she has touched my life and I will always hold the memories close to my heart.


Jan & Michael O'Kane posted on 8/28/04

Our sincere condolences to family and friends. Pam did love music! We thank her for all the 45s she donated to our jukebox which we still enjoy. We will remember her each time we play them.


Barb Cuchta posted on 9/4/04

Pam was a really good friend and I will miss her dearly. We used to work in the lab together, then I moved on to the O.R. and so did she. Even after I left the O.R. we still stayed friends. Pam really loved her cats and she was always donating stuff to the animal shelters. I will also miss the shopping trips we used to take together. I am so glad I got to see Pam @ Allegheny Hospital, and I will always remember her friendship.


Jeff & Nancy Jeffries posted on 8/30/04

Pam was the sweetest person we knew. She was a friend before she became a customer. She will be missed dearly. There aren't too many people around like her, we hope she is with the Angels in Heaven.


Delma Schank posted on 9/2/04

Pam will be missed a lot. I have nothing but good memories of Pam and our family and all the Christmas, Thanksgivings, Easter and other holidays that we all shared the past few years. She shared our love for animals and especially all the cats. There was never a more caring person than Pam and we all considered her "family". We all got to share time with Pam here and now she is sharing time with my daugther Donna and I know those two will be watching over us.


Richard Saseen posted on 8/27/04

The memories that I have shared with Pam goes well beyond the 1000 characters I can type here. I can say however that it was blessing to know Pam and that we will someday be together again through the Lords Promise of eternal everlasting. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN


Christine & Matt Shipley posted on 8/26/04

We will sadly miss our dear friend Pam who shares our love for cats. I have many fond and great memories of Pam since childhood and she & I became good friends as I became an adult. I know she is with her angels and causing mischief with my aunt, her good friend Donna. Chris